NOTICE: Currently in artist development. 

“I'm looking forward to sharing my new music with you all !! See you soon” - Merissa 

Merissa Mackie is a 17 year old hard working, energetic, passionate singer, songwriter, musician, actress, model, and recording artist. Mackie started singing and acting at a young age. By the age of 2 she was dressing up in costumes, singing her favorite songs, and memorizing every Disney movie she watched from start to finish. As a little girl she started singing and performing in her church choir, there Merissa trained with an American Idol Finalist. 


Mackie started appearing in musical theater projects working and training with an On Broadway Professional. When she turned 10 she won a free week of acting classes at a acting school in California, there her passion for acting grew even more. 

In 2017 Merissa created a comedy channel called The Merissa Show where she was acting, filming, directing, producing, photographing, and writing scripts for. 


Mackie started becoming even more passionate and serious about her career. She took piano, guitar, and vocal lessons and taught herself how to play the ukulele on YouTube. She saved up all her allowance and birthday money to purchase her very first ukulele. Merissa then wrote her first song on the guitar when she was 11 and started performing everywhere she could at fairs, festivals, events, shopping centers, competitions, street performing, open mics, karaoke, fundraisers, etc. She sang and wrote songs everywhere she went. One summer Mackie went street performing almost every single day and earned enough money from tips to purchase her own amp and mic. She never missed an opportunity to perform. 

 Some of her past performances are: NAMM for Beyerdynamics & Harmon (JBL, AKG, Harmon Kardon), The San Diego Fair, The OC Fair, Vidcon, House of Blues, & Daily Live streaming performances as a Featured broadcaster on a popular live streaming app. 


Merissa Mackie's debut single The Pj Song is out now and her debut music video which she co-produced and directed!


Merissa continues to work hard on her craft daily. She has a powerful voice and great songs that she is excited to amplify to the world.