APRIL 21ST, 2019

Listen to Merissa Mackie's KX 93.5 radio interview here!: https://www.kx935.com/podcasts/merissa-mackie-april-21-2019/


"I have to honestly say that Merissa Mackie once again demonstrated why she has more than the right stuff to succeed in this business. She handled herself with the utmost professionalism when she was interviewed by Tom Joliet on radio station KX 93.5 and I say this having seen more than a few seasoned performers lose their train of thought and cookies because of nerves or lack thereof. Merissa was articulate, funny and vibrant and she stole the show with her amazing talent and joie de vivre! What an incredible pleasure it truly was and I feel incredibly fortunate to watch an evolving talent that soon will ignite!  Congrats, my friend!" - Oscar Benjamin 


"Merissa, not only is your song fun, it says exactly what people are wanting their day to be like! I look forward to you introducing The Pj Song on Sunday, April 21, between 6-7 PM!"  - Tom Joliet